Dr. Doucet was born and raised in the small town of Iota, LA. She graduated from Iota High School and moved to Lake Charles, LA where she attended McNeese State University. While at McNeese, Dr. Doucet got her bachelor’s degree in Athletic Training and her master’s degree in Exercise Physiology while being a graduate assistant Athletic Trainer for McNeese State Volleyball. After graduation from her master’s program, Dr. Doucet worked in Athletic Training working with high school, collegiate, and professional athletes for about 3 years before returning to school for Chiropractic at Texas Chiropractic College in 2019.

My Chiropractic Story:

Throughout high school I knew that I wanted a career that involved sports and medicine. During my undergraduate studies I decided on Athletic Training- where I could bring my love of sports and medicine together. After working aside another Athletic Trainer in the area who was also a Chiropractor, Dr. Mike Branch, I soon realized that I could bring more help to my athletes with Chiropractic as well. I decided to go back to school for Chiropractic at Texas Chiropractic College. Upon starting Chiropractic College in 2019, my uncle became very ill with cancer. After multiple misdiagnoses, I decided to investigate more natural approaches to help manage his pain. Through chiropractic and holistic approaches, I was able to not only help his end-of-life transition, but also continue to honor him by helping change lives of my patients with Chiropractic.

Dr. Doucet resides in Magnolia, Texas with her two pups Stella and Lola. In her free time, she enjoys the outdoors and spending time with family and friends.