Dr. Marshall was born and raised in Plano, Tx (North Dallas) Upon graduation she went to West Texas A&M, Canyon, Tx and graduated in 2004 with a B.S. Sports Medicine; her most memorable accomplishment and greatest honor was NCAA Div II Soccer Scholarship recipient as starting Goalkeeper all 4 years for the Lady Buffs. She was recognized as 2nd in the nation in 2001 for Goals Against Average. In 2006 she decided to pursue her dream of attending chiropractic school. She graduated Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa in 2009. With her doctorate in hand, she wanted to come HOME to TEXAS and for two years she worked in a busy chiropractic practice in Houston.

By 2012 she was ready to open her own office. With the help of her husband, Aaron, they opened Quality of Life Chiropractic in Magnolia. They ran this successfully for 10 years and opened a second location in Montgomery in 2020.

As of 2022, Dr. Marshall decided to join the team with Dr. Buller (MD) to create Quality of Life Medical Center. By combing the best of both sides of medicine, this integrated model of care is taking our community to a new level of NATURAL HEALTH!

Dr. Marshall and Aaron have been married since 2011, Dr. Marshall was able to sponsor Aaron on the Adams Tour as a professional golfer 2013-2015. They have one dog, Max whom you may be able to meet at the office on certain days. They love to travel, watch all sports, and play golf. They have a heart for participating in local charities and fundraisers in our area.
My Chiropractic Story:

My love for chiropractic started at the age of THREE! My first miracle was when my mom took me to the Chiropractor due to constant earaches and sinus issues. After a few visits I was off all antibiotics and my ears drained. My mom called it a miracle because I was not a fussy sick kid anymore. My second miracle with chiropractic happened in middle school. I started noticing I had a hard time focusing in school and around the same time I was also becoming more active in sports. I visited the Chiropractor who informed me that all my sports collisions caused a lot of pinched irritated nerves in my neck and back that kept me from excelling in the classroom. After a few treatments I noticed I was sleeping better and had better focus on and off the field. My scores improved and I fell in love with chiropractic. I knew I wanted to be a chiropractor to help others ACHIEVE A BETTER QUALITY OF LIFE!